General Information

Admission or access to any of the services offered at Melbourne Private Hospital is available via referral.

Your local GP, physician, surgeon or allied health professional will be able to assist you with obtaining a referral to a private specialist who is accredited at the hospital and who can organise your admission or enrolment into a program.

During your stay you will be under the direct care of this private specialist who will from time to time be assisted by other accredited private specialists or hospital staff.

Once your admission has been arranged you will be given an admission form to be completed and returned to the hospital at least 48 hours prior to your admission.

The staff of our pre-admission clinic will contact you prior to your day of admission either by phone or they may request that you make a brief visit to the hospital at a mutually convenient time.

Our staff will let you know what time to arrive and what items to bring with you.

They will also be able to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about your stay with us.

On arrival, please visit our main reception staff.

Please ask your nurse or doctor to inform you and your family/carer as soon as possible of your anticipated discharge date.

This may be able to be estimated according to your diagnosis and likely length of treatment before or at admission.

The nursing staff who care for you during your stay at Melbourne Private Hospital are responsible for making sure that all the issues that may affect your care after discharge are assessed before you leave hospital, this is called Continuum of Care.

Melbourne Private Hospital provides the service of a Clinical Care Coordinator, who can co-ordinate any support services that you may need on your return home – your nurse caring for you will advise the Clinical Care Coordinator if you will require their service.

Our discharge time is 10.00am daily.

Please inform the nursing staff if you are unable to vacate your room by 10.00am.

On or before admission, we will provide:

  • The level of cover provided by your health fund
  • An estimate of all hospital charges
  • Any out of pocket expenses that you may incur relating to your hospital stay.

We realise hospital and related charges can sometimes be difficult to understand, so please contact our accounts department if you would like further help.

As a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Veteran partnering hospital, DVA patients have immediate access to our care, in most cases without the need for prior approval.

We also provide help and support through our Veteran Liaison Officer.

  • All medication (currently in use in their original packaging)
  • Any prescribed equipment or aids
  • A small amount of money if you require newspaper etc
  • Book, writing paper, pen, address book etc
  • Concession Card (Seniors Health Benefit or Pension Card)
  • Day Clothes (comfortable and suitable for physiotherapy, well fitting shoes, night clothes)
  • Medicare Card
  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, tissues, etc).

We would like to reduce the number of falls that occur at our facility. To achieve this we have a Falls Prevention Program.

Some patients are at higher risk of falling than others.

Please let us know if you have had any falls, or if you are concerned about having a fall whilst in our hospital or at home. We can organise a referral to our allied health team (eg. Physiotherapist) for an assessment.

Most importantly, if staff recommend you need assistance or supervision when moving around, please ask them for assistance and wait until they come to help you.

On admission to your room you will be shown how to use your nurse call bell. It is there for your safety so please use it if you require assistance.

Falls Prevention Program brochure

Wheelchair drop-off/pick up from 10 minute parking area directly outside MPH on the Royal Parade service road.

Patients may also be dropped off or collected via the car park between 6am and 9pm. The first 30 minutes in the car park is free.

Please note:

Accommodation prices listed below are current as at May 2023 and are subject to change without notice. Please contact the hotel directly should you have any queries.

Click here to see accommodation options for patients and relatives.

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